Denver's Finest Heirloom Portraits

We believe that traditional portraits are the way of appreciating emotions, love, memories. It is the visual culmination of our efforts in life. The love of our life, family, ambition, and accomplishments.

Satterly Portraiture operates solely to provide our clients with time honored art pieces. Here are the reasons to book your portrait session with Satterly Portraiture.

"I didn't realize the magnitude my Satterly Portrait would have on my family. Lisa captured an immortal pose of my daughter at her first communion that invoked such emotion with my wife. Someday my daughter will understand the depths of our love in that moment and will be able to share that with her own family someday. Now we can share that love with her always. Even when we are not with her anymore. This is the portrait that outlives the moment. Thank you Lisa!"

-David B.

"My grandparents had portraits done like this and it came out very nice, the attention to detail is amazing. If you want something to last forever - to leave a legacy - I'd highly recommend having a Satterly Portrait done for yourself or for your family. If you want something really, really special, I recommend Lisa and her team at Satterly Portraits"

-Damian W.

We believe that traditional portraits are a way of appreciating emotions, love, and memories. They are the visual culmination of our efforts in life — the love of our life, family, ambitions, and special accomplishments. Our Denver portrait studio operates solely to provide our clients with time-honored art pieces that can be handed down through generations. Here are the reasons to book your portrait session with Satterly Portraiture:


It is important to all of us that we will be remembered. At Satterly Portraiture, we believe that the meaning of life is to bring happiness to others and to leave a respectable legacy behind. Our approach is providing a service that allows our great-grandchildren to look upon our faces — as we are now.


If there is one thing we know about Coloradans, it’s that they love Colorado, so we've created an original background that emphasizes Coloradans' passion for the Rocky Mountains. No other portrait artist uses this unique, abstract Colorado mountain scene. Our signature style sets us above and beyond the classical studio portrait look. We believe in the traditional look, but with our own homemade Colorado twist.


Our team of exceptional artists spends hours hand-painting every unique art piece. We use oil painting techniques to enhance your likeness and give your one-of-a-kind art piece a classical, historical look and feel. Our artists are degreed professionals working in the fine art field; our master artist lives and works in New York and is an honors graduate of the School of Visual Arts, NYC. We hire and trust only artists who have a passion and appreciation for classical painting.


Each gorgeous Satterly frame is individually built, completely from scratch, in California. These frames are nothing like the cheap (and unfortunately, industry standard) frames with “chop and join” molding; rather, they have closed corners with no visible seams. Our historically accurate frames are meticulously hand-finished by master craftsmen who have decades of experience. The frames are created with only the best hand-selected gold leafing imported from Germany and Italy, and they’re individually hand-antiqued with a proprietary patina finish to give them the distinctively rich look and feel of a museum masterpiece.


Satterly Portraiture was created by Lisa Satterly-Patchem, a nationally known painter and photographer. Lisa’s work has been shown in galleries in many states and cities including NYC. Her style of traditional portraiture was inspired by a personal tragedy that has driven her to focus on the elements of traditional portraiture that she believes are missing from American homes. Her passion for both history and art help make Satterly Portraiture a perfect fit for those who appreciate tradition and legacy.


At Satterly Portraiture, we take great pride in our quality work. Every hand that goes into the production of your art piece is a gentle and experienced one; our staff treats every art piece as carefully as if it were their own. Our goal is that your new portrait will be a prized possession of your descendants for many generations, so when you receive your custom-crafted art piece encased in a Satterly frame, it is guaranteed for life.


Because of the time needed to carefully hand-make each custom art piece, we can only offer a limited number of sessions per month. Please call us for more information on the upcoming availability and to reserve your appointment.